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Intelligence & Automation
Algorithms, automation and state-of-the-art technology are designed to reduce industries risk and maximize profit.
Unique & Growing Datasets
Data combined with intelligence is the engine behind our product and we have data sets that are unique for industry customers.
One Stop Solution
One tool to manage your electricity consumption and prosumption, even for multiple plants in different locations.

Carefully designed and optimised for power intensive industries

SnerpaPower maximizes the value of your data by consolidating it with the relevant market data and exogenous data. This allows you to access all your data related to your electricity consumption close to real-time, in one platform, and use it intelligently to automate and optimize your decisions and processes.
Automate & Optimize
Our tailormade forecasting, scheduling and bid generation algorithms allow industries to automate and optimize their electricity consumption and act as virtual power plants when feasible.

We connect you directly to the relevant flexibility and balancing markets and make sure your bids are profitable for your business at every given time and not risking your core operations.
Drive digital transformation
The Snerpa Power software platform helps industries drive the digital transformation of their electricity usage, with a platform engineered to help make informed decisions and automate processes.

Whether you are running one industrial plant or multiple plants in different market locations, we provide you with a full overview, automation and intelligence of all your power consumption.  Our goal is to help you stay in synch with the net-zero energy system and remain competitive.
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Powerful platform modules

Our four platform modules serve our users by covering processes and activities ahead of real-time, in real-time and after the fact.

Bring down your imbalance costs with automation

The Scheduling module fully automates your scheduling processes. This allows you to simultaneously minimize your imbalance costs and reduce manual time spent on scheduling. The scheduling module uses forecasting algorithms to continuously forecast your industrial load, update schedules accordingly and send them to the relevant third parties before gate closure.

Our Scheduling module allows for both automatic and manual mode, as well as scheduling maintenance tasks ahead of time.We create digital connections between the platform and the relevant parties who receive your schedules, whether it is the transmission system operator, distributor or/and your energy supplier.
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Bid Generation

Create new revenues with our dynamic flexibility algorithms

Have you thought about being flexible, but feel that your operations don't always allow for it? With our tailormade bid generator algorithms, your available flexibility is assessed continuously by monitoring your assets close to real-time.

Boundary conditions and parameter settings allow you to be in full control.  Bid volumes and price are based on dynamic calculations of available flexibility and its costs related to it at every given time. Our goal is to maximize your presence in the market and your profit from being flexible, while making sure that your flexibility provision is not impacting your core business negatively.
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Risk Management

Rest assured that you will not miss an incident - ever.

Set and receive automatic alarms and notifications when your electricity consumption deviates from your schedule, price is high and/or you are close to reaching a costly power peak. You set and manage the alarms, the rest is in our hands.
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Comprehensive reporting - made easy

Spending too much time on gathering data from different sources, reviewing and creating weekly and/or monthly reports? Our goal is to make reporting easy and automatic. Stay on top of your Key Performance Indexes and see how they develop throughout your reporting period.

Have all your data correct and ready by the end of the week, month, year. Keep accurate track of your electricity consumption, quality of schedules, imbalances, power peaks, costs, revenues and more.
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SnerpaPower has focused on security
from day one, and security is our priority.

We’re a deep-tech SaaS platform for power intensive industries who strive to maximize their contribution to a net-zero energy system and minimize their electricity costs. Allowing our customers to focus on their core business, we have made security a top priority from day one.
Internal Procedures
Data & Privacy
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